Alljoyn update

I promised an update on Alljoyn some time ago. I haven’t completely given up on the Allseen Alliance and its flagship product, but my efforts are on hiatus. I was able to compile Alljoyn for the major platforms (eventually), but was unable to establish communications between any of the components. I suspect this has more to do with my setup than the software itself. I plan to set up a proper lab installation for comparative testing in the coming months. I will post more updates then.

Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates

CCT recently completed our summer research program. In addition to two different undergraduate programs managed by the Center, we had several high school students and a few high school teachers participating in personal research. The National Science Foundation funds these experiences, allowing students to spend two months working full time with a faculty mentor on a single project.

The summer programs are almost always more work than anticipated for the mentors (or their graduate students, for those who have them), but can be extremely satisfying. I have participated in some capacity for the past four summers, usually choosing a student whose career path I think might be significantly changed by the experience. It’s somewhat of a high risk strategy, and not all of the students will end up in Ph.D. programs, but I wouldn’t trade the students I have mentored for future Turing award winners. Probably.

This year was a bit of a departure, in that my student was a young lady who likely is destined for high achievement. She is intelligent, ambitious, and seems equally comfortable in the technical and more artistic aspects of system design. Not insignificantly, she also seems interested in the well being and success of her cohort, and of society at large. Our project was generally well received. Given the high level of talent that was present this summer, I am quite proud of the effort and dedication she exhibited.

CCT REU group picture

CCT and LA-SIGMA summer researchers and mentors

It was great to get to know all of the students, and I enjoyed spending time with the other mentors, many of whom I don’t interact with directly all that often. Congratulations to all on an enjoyable and productive summer!