About my work

I hold a research appointment at the Louisiana State University Center for Computation & Technology and an adjunct faculty position with the Division of Computer Science and Engineering in theĀ LSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. My research interests include distributed and tangible interaction, software engineering of distributed systems, and digital humanities. I have industry experience in all phases of software development, project management, organizational and technical consulting, and business development.

Understanding how complicated systems work and interact has always been my passion. Today, this involves looking at how people and technology interact with each other in different environments, enabled (or inhibited) by technology. I work with professionalsĀ and students from LSU and around the world to develop new architectures, techniques, and interaction technologies for distributed and collaborative information systems, with emphasis on creative performance and high performance computing. I am also working to develop new software quality models for distributed systems, including peer-to-peer and service-oriented architectures. Most recently I have become involved in LSU’s rapidly growing digital humanities program, adapting and applying high performance computing techniques and systems toward interdisciplinary research in the humanities.